The Architectural Design Of The Sydney Opera House

Of all the major buildings constructed in the 20th century, few have enjoyed such long-running popularity and continued distinction as the Sydney Opera House. Instantly recognizable all over the globe, this unique public building remains as unique and iconic today as it did when completed more than forty years ago.

Fierce Design Competition

Like many large public works projects intended to project a distinctive appearance, the design for the Sydney Opera House was opened up to a competition between many architects. Given the particular prominence of the project — it was already known that the finished Opera House would be a national as well as local symbol — this design competition attracted worldwide attention.

Despite competing against some of the most prominent designers in the world, the unknown Danish architect Jorn Utzon landed the job. (The presence on the judging committee of Eero Saarinen, a Finnish architect famous for visually-similar curved designs, may have played a role in this.) Utzon’s original proposal — which ended up being changed rather dramatically — was made up of gleaming white paraboloids designed to mimic the spread sails of a windjammer.

Challenges In Construction

Once the Opera House moved out of conceptual design and towards actually being built, numerous difficulties with Utzon’s original design came to light. It turned out that his paraboloid roof shells, beautiful in their geometrical simplicity, were going to be a nightmare to construct in the real world. Solving this problem would require six years, the assistance of world-famous engineer Ove Arup, and some of the earliest computer-aided structural analysis ever performed.

Ultimately, the key to bringing the Opera House to life as intended was to aim for even greater geometrical simplicity. The shells were reshaped to be built out of spherical sections, a solution that allowed the builders to use identical pieces repeatedly. While there were plenty of other challenges to overcome in the building’s construction — the interior was entirely redesigned more than once, for instance — it is the success of the design team in realizing Utzon’s vision for the roofs that made the Opera House as distinctive as it is.

Considering that the Opera House remains famous all over the world and immediately recognizable as a symbol of Australia and Sydney, it’s easy to understand that many people take pride in its successful completion. While every Australian can rightfully share some measure of that pride, an extra portion surely goes to the inventive and dedicated design team that turned Utzon’s dream into a reality in the Sydney Harbor.

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In Person Coaching vs. Music Lessons Online

Man playing the guitar

Every parent wants their children to be accomplished and have skills or talents. Many children are born with natural artistic ability, while many others are not. When a child is born with a natural ability, it is important to encourage them to pursue it and excel in it.

But as we all know, children are not always motivated to push themselves to develop their skill, and they need someone to help refine their natural ability. This can be in painting, singing, music, building, cooking, and so on. Sometimes the best thing for them is to have lessons or take classes so they can expand their skill.

Perhaps your child is showing himself naturally gifted in the art of music, perhaps a certain instrument. The best thing for him would be to have private music lessons with a teacher so they can really understand how to work with an instrument and read music. This is beneficial in a long-term basis because a child may know how to play music naturally without reading music, but they wonít advance or make progress without real training.

Finding a skilled teacher can be easy these days. Simply looking up music teachers in your area online can be helpful or using the yellow pages, but it is even more important to know if they have good references and are well-known in the community. Perhaps the school your child attends can recommend a music teacher.

These days we have such connections, though, in the online world. People are making good use every day of the internet and communicating with people across the world at the touch of a button through a camera on their computer. You could almost do anything or learn anything via the internet now.

So, your child may find a great music teacher online that is not available in the area but comes with high recommendations and references. How wonderful if they could have classes in the comfort of your own home by using the computer? This way you are actually hiring the best of the best in the nation for your child and giving them the best opportunities afforded to them whether they exist in your local area or not.

No doubt your child will excel at any pursuit they endeavor for, especially with a little encouragement and quality training. You will love hearing the sounds of music throughout your home, and watching your child advance with each lesson and recital. Art is truly something to be encouraged and respected in this world today and when we contribute to it in any way it certainly gives us a feeling of accomplishment.

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Reasons to Learn Music Online in 2016

Woman reading music notes

The Internet offers a wealth of opportunities, and if you’re looking to learn a new instrument, you may want to consider opting for online music lessons. There’s a certain amount of freedom involved when you opt to get music lessons over the Internet as opposed to physical ones. You can find the perfect teacher for your needs, learn an obscure instrument, and save a great deal of money in the process when taking online lessons.

If you’re still not really convinced you wish to learn online, here are some of the top benefits that may help you reconsider:

*Online learning allows you to stay at home and spend less time commuting. If you have a busy work schedule, it can be hard to work around it. On the other hand, if you opt to get your lessons over the Internet, you don’t have to worry about being late to class or having to get into your car.

*You can find a teacher anywhere in the world with online lessons, so you’re not limited to choosing someone that’s close to home. It allows you to experience lessons in a different way and select a teacher you feel confident with. Oftentimes, students looking to learn an instrument are put off simply by a teacher that doesn’t make learning exciting. However, the Internet offers a wealth of possibilities.

*You get more one-on-one help when you connect with a teacher online. Whenever you’re scheduled to take lessons, your teacher is going to be committed to helping you. It allows you to correct what you’re doing wrong and ask questions that you may not want to in a public setting. In fact, you’ll undoubtedly feel a great deal more confident by learning online.

*Not everyone wants to learn the guitar or violin. What if you’re looking to study the harp, mandolin or banjo? These can be somewhat obscure instruments and it may be hard to find a teacher in your locality. Fortunately, since you’re no longer bound by your location, you can pick up any instrument you wish. Some students may even opt to learn two instruments at a time as they feel more confident.

Learning online is just one of the many ways that our lives have improved with technology. You’re no longer limited or bound by your choices or your location. If you don’t like a teacher, it’s easy to find another one on the Internet.

Why Musicians Should See A Dentist Regularly

Man singing into a can

Oral health is very important especially to performing musicians. There are many potential problems that one is exposed to, if they don’t take good care of their teeth.

These includes darkened teeth, diminished, root decay, dry mouth, tooth loss and gum. Oral health (jaw as well as teeth) often hold key importance to an improved life and is essential for vocal performance.

A listener is pulled by vocal excellence that is influenced not only by a singer’s creativity but also by her head, vocal path and most importantly teeth. The type of jaw and tooth arrangement can impact how the vocal tract organizes and produces sound.

There are four central voice mechanisms vital for vocalist to know about. They include distinct developments of sound which need to work in alignment for the voice to reach its peak. These areas includes the enunciation of pitch in the laryngeal vocal creases, the articulation of vowels within the pharynx, vocalization of consonants using the tongue, lips and other controlled muscles and final enunciation of the temporomandibular joint.

Poor oral care can be the cause of depression and can contribute to the shrewdness of mind. Appearance gives a singer performance self-assurance. The position of the jaw affects the position of teeth and in turn the position of nose and the face structure. Jaw valuation is a requirement if you are going to perform.

When your teeth are out of order there are numerous things you can encounter. These are inclusive of snoring, earaches and tenacious migraines. A small misalignment of the jaw may not be very obvious but it can lead to unwholesome habits like breathing through the mouth.

A characteristic tongue position is essential for signing; however tautness caused by a misaligned jaw can actually push the larynx down leading to a very incompetent vocalization. Jaw issues can also be the cause of headaches.

It is important to acknowledge the placement of jaws and the role it has in a singer’s life. These in most cases are a great step in ensuring that you improve on your appearance and health, and also improve your performance.

It is also important to visit the dentist every once in a while to ensure that your mouth is in perfect condition. This will in turn ensure that you get rid of any foul smell and any future risks on your teeth.

Finding Things to Do at Music Festivals

You might think that if you were going to go to a music festival, it would be to see the bands, right? Well, while that’s the most obvious thing to do at a music festival, there are a lot of other things that you could be doing instead (or as well) – after all, the chances are that you’re not interested in ALL of the bands that will be performing.

Going to a music festival can be expensive – so instead of paying for your ticket, why not try volunteering at the festival? As a volunteer, you will get free entry, and will be allowed access to areas that normal attendees don’t get. You will also get the inside scoop on what’s going on. This means that you’ll see warnings about things that aren’t on the official schedule, so you’ll be at the front of the queue when all the cool stuff is going on.

While you’re at a festival, don’t just standa round and listen to the music – you could do that at any gig. Wander around and see what else is going on. Watch the smaller side performers, try learning a new dance, talk to people. Take part in that impromptu yoga festival, or dress up in a way you’ve never done before. Festivals are pretty anonymous, and this means that you can try things and enjoy things that you might not otherwise ever get to do. So, take advantage and really let your hair down.

Whatever you decide to do. Make sure that you drink lots of water and that you take the time to eat – and sleep, too. Festivals are a lot of fun, but they are crowded and busy, and if you don’t look after yourself things can go wrong. Carry a charged, cheap phone with you so that you can stay in touch with your friends, and don’t have too much cash on you. Have a plan for what you want to do, but try to be flexible – there is a lot of stuff going on at festivals, and you don’t have to tie yourself in to the official program. The more relaxed and open minded you are, the more fun you will have. It’s the unexpected things that make the best memories, and that you will be talking about to your friends for many years to come.